This Truth Never Fails

All of us have had moments, however brief, when we catch a glimpse of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. The smell of roses on a clear June morning, the spontaneous hug of a toddler, the notes of a melody that resonate in our deepest heart, the loving eyes of a friend. What we long for is always present, hiding in plain sight. Every situation we encounter contains the truth of our existence; we are never separate from this mysterious aliveness. This truth never fails.

This Truth Never Fails by David Rynick, a collection of short observations and reflections, is a “Zen memoir”—a record of ongoing practice and study of this extraordinary experience we call ordinary life. While written over a period of several years, these pieces are arranged into the cycle of the seasons of a single year. Each piece stands alone, but is also part of an overall narrative that includes leaving a home of eighteen years and creating a Zen temple in a lovely old Victorian mansion. Evocative of the intimacy and humor of Anne Lamott, the universality of Robert Fulghum, the poetry of Mary Oliver, and the gentle warmth of Lin Jensen, this beautifully written, one-of-a-kind book will inspire readers of varied interests from all walks of life.

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