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I love to work with groups to share what I know and give them tools to live and work more effectively.  Over the past twenty years I have led workshops, trainings, and given presentations on topics ranging from organizational systems and leadership to the spiritual practice of hospitality.  I will design and lead sessions for both small and large groups, whether a 60 minute keynote presentation or a multi-day retreat.

Below are a few of the topics and trainings I have led recently:

  • The Spiritual Practice of Hospitality: a three-hour workshop designed to create a new experience and paradigm for creating a welcoming culture in churches.  Offered for regional church gatherings and for individual congregations.
  • The Balancing Act of Leadership: a ninety-minute keynote/workshop for lay leaders of UU churches presented at UU University.  Supporting leaders to clarify their priorities and move into effective action.
  • Sabbatical Coach: a relationship of six to twelve months where I support churches to become more conscious of the opportunities for congregational and individual growth during a ministerial sabbatical.  Usually consists of a series of workshops and sermons.
  • Peer-Coach Training: a cost efficient way to spread the benefits of coaching in an organization or system is to train individuals to be peer-coaches.  Since 2005, I have worked with the National Episcopal House of Bishops, training veteran bishops to be peer coaches to incoming bishops.
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders: What is coaching and what are the coaching skills that may be particularly appropriate for leaders.

Recent Key-note Topics:

  • Authentic Communication: Conversations That Get Things Done
  • Balancing Your Life
  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose
  • Vocation and Work: Who Are You Called To Be?


From Workshop Participants

  • “Clear, inspiring, humorous, organized”
  • “Great presentation – interesting ideas and group work”
  • “David is amazing.  He has a natural ability to bring out the best in each individual in the group.  Highly intelligent and focused, yet warm, loving, and open.  Our best facilitator yet.”
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