Client Testimonials

David is a brilliant and creative coach, always centered on his clients’ well-being at the core of everything he does. His coaching skills are very powerful and have definitely changed my life and way of thinking..   Above all, David is a skilled and compassionate human being, with impeccable integrity, whose warmth and ability to challenge provide a solid platform for continued growth and expert guidance.    Sylvia C.

[Coaching] has helped clarify my thinking about a somewhat stressful major job transition.  But, I think that the deeper value I have received from coaching is that it is leading me to incorporate a more meaningful structure into all my life beyond my job.   David L.

My coaching experience with David Rynick was transforming. He helped me to define the question behind the question, as I moved toward deeper discovery of my life purpose. The moments I spent coaching with David always resulted in what seemed like a magical connection with my authentic self.    Marilynn O.

I have found coaching to be especially useful as I began a new position with more responsibility and a wide range of demands… Coaching has assisted me in approaching my work with less anxiety and more gut-level confidence. I recommend David to anyone seeking to cultivate their leadership skills.   Alan T.

We wouldn’t have been able to be so good at managing our business and the differences that make us so strong had it not been for our intense coaching work with you a few years back.  Thank you for your wonderful coaching…the lessons we learned continue to make our lives a whole lot better.   Robin B

This guy has saved my sanity the last six months. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has been infinitely patient and wise as I bumped through the down time but he’s not a hand holder. He challenges and prods and most of all tells the truth. Sometimes I think he believes in me more than I believe in myself but he’s also helping me to change that. David is the guy the College for Bishops uses to train its peer counselors for new bishops.  I think he’ll be able to help you define your goals as you move into a new phase of your career and help you figure out how to achieve them. So call him, you’ll find that working with him will be the best money you’ve ever spent.   Rev. Ann H.



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