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I work with individuals and organizational teams to help them clarify what is truly important and to move into effective action to create the results, balance, and meaning they want.

I start from a simple but powerful assumption: each of us is here for some purpose.  As we clarify and act on this purpose, our actions become more effective and our lives become more intrinsically rewarding.

But we all need help and support to align our lives with what we know to be true and to connect to our innate wisdom.  As your coach, I will help you locate and explore your sources of inspiration. I will challenge you to try out your new understanding in your everyday life.  Together, we will reflect on how your new approaches can change you and even change the world around you.

My individual clients are generally successful mid-career professionals who are motivated to get to the next level of meaning, balance, and achievement.  They are looking to take the next step in deepening their lives.  Some are in the middle of change, others seek to begin change.  I’ve coached business owners, CEOs and executives, senior clergy, artists and teachers.

If you have made a commitment to discover and act on what’s important in your life right now, coaching may be a powerful way to move from good intentions to real action.

My team clients are non-profits, small businesses, and churches that want greater clarity and effectiveness in their visions and operations.

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