A Life of Devotion


The Buddha featured in this article by the local paper showed up mysteriously in the Temple gardens one day several years ago.  (Thank you JW.)  He first appeared by the gazebo if I remember correctly.  Then he wandered the garden trying to find just the right place.  After several unsuitable situations, he finally settled down at the base of one of the maple trees near the gazebo, about ten feet from the brick walkway.  Mostly, no one notices him.  He’s not very flashy and unless you have a telephoto lens, you can’t get close enough to get a good picture of him.

I like to imagine that he’s been happy with his small life of devotion.  He’s not even a very accomplished meditator.  Though he keeps his head bowed, his attention often wanders.  And if you look closely, you can see that he can’t even get his feet into a proper full (or even quarter) lotus position.  But his sincerity and devotion are unquestioned.  He never—never ever—looks around.  (Though I do wonder in the back of my mind, if some nights, when the moon is dark, if he doesn’t stand up and do a little dance and act quite silly.)

Other Buddhas attract attention and perhaps even accomplish great things.  Little Buddha just sits quietly with his head bowed.  The days and seasons come and go.  He doesn’t know if anything is accomplished by his supplication, but, having no other real options, he just carries on.

I find him quite inspiring and hope, someday, to be just like him.

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